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Maria Newman's unique musical voice blends classical styling with cinematic romanticism and just a hint of rustic twang to create a soundscape both new and nostalgic. 

Selected Works

String Quartet


String Quartet No.1, Opus 33, No. 7 "Birthday of the Infanta" (1995)

1. The Party – Carneval

2. The Bull Fight

3. The Dance of the Dwarf

4. The Forest and the Minuet

5. The Search and the Mirror

6. Finale: The Death of the Dwarf

String Quartet No.2, Opus 35, No. 1 "Lauds" (1998)

1. Maestoso feroce - Allegro

2. Poco andante – poco allegro

3. Stiltedly swaying, moderato

4. Intermezzo: Allegro molto

5. Finale: Allegro molto


Sonata for Piano, Opus 32, No. 6 "Maskil" (1994)

I. Largo-Presto

II. Andante Iontano

III. Allegro assai

The Complete Ballet Music for Two Pianos, Opus 39, No. 1 "Emma McChesney" (2002)

I. Moderato-Feroce (The Traveling Saleswoman)

II. Moderato, molto legato (Emma Tells of Her Life)

III. Andantino melancholica (The Robbery)

IV. Feroce, accented (Mad Dance Lessons with Jock)

Song Cycles for Voice & Mixed Ensembles/Orchestra


"A Breath of Mississippi," Opus 43, No. 5 Song Cycle for Soprano, Two Violins and Piano (2005)

(On the poetry of Louise Moss Montgomery)

I. Little Songs

II. Watchword

III. Under the Oak Tree

IV. My Auntie Mother

V. That’s Home

"Songs on Motherhood," Opus 36, No. 2 Song Cycle for Soprano (or Mezzo Soprano), Violin, Clarinet (or Viola, and Harp (or Piano) (1998)

(On poetry of Louise Moss Montgomery)

I. To a Refractory Father

II. Jeu, Intermede 1

III. Pirouetting

IV. Jeu, Intermede 2

V. Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep (anonymous poetry)

"Montgomery Carols, Set 1," Opus 39 No. 1 For SATB and Mixed Chamber Ensemble (2001)

(On poetry of Maria Newman)

I. Ring Your Bells

II. Baby Lord of Majesty

III. Little Saviour of Healing Light


"Shirat Hayam," Opus 44 No. 4 For Tenor Voice (or Baritone) and String Orchestra/Harp OR Tenor Voice (or Baritone) and Piano Quintet OR Tenor Voice (or Baritone) and Piano (2006)

I. Extol I

II. Extol II

Flute with Mixed Chamber Ensembles

Pennipotenti, Opus 42, No. 1 (2005)

I. The Dipper

II. The Snowy Owl

III. The Humming Bird

IV. The Falcon


Sonata for Flute & Piano in the Style of the Harpsichord, Opus 44, No. 7 (1999)

I. Misterioso, tiptoeing

II. With virtuosic flourish (flute alone)

III. Molto allegro possible

IV. Largo

V. Presto


"The Pied Piper of Hamelin", Opus 47, No. 9 (2008)

I. Reverie 1 (flute alone)

II. Scene 1

III. Reverie 2 (flute alone)

IV. Scene 2

V.Reverie 3 (flute alone)

VI. Scene 3

VII. Reverie 4

VIII. Scene 4

Colores de Mexico, Opus 44, No. 8 (2007)

I. The Rain (La Lluvia)

II. The Rattlesnake (La Culebra)

III. The River (El Rio)

IV. The Coyote (El Coyote)

V. A Little Dance (Un Pequeno Baile)

Concerti for Solo Instruments & String Orchestra


Cello Concerto, Opus 40, No. 6 (2002)

I. Largo, poco intensivo

II. Allegro molto

III. Cadenza

IV. Come prima, ma piu intensivo


Othmar, Sonata for cello alone (2000)


Viola Concerto, Opus 45, No. 10 (2006)

I. Cadenza

II. Chorale -Allegro


Violin Concerto, Opus 38, No. 7 "Lux Aeterna" (2001)

I. Feroce Maestoso - Allegro


Triple Violin Concerto, Opus 41, No. 4 "Trinitas et Unitas" (2003)

I. Trinitas

II Unitas (with soprano solo)

String Orchestra


Concerto Grosso, Opus 34, No. 4 (1996)

For String Orchestra

I. Feroce maestoso - Allegro

II. Quasi adagio ma non tanto, lontano

III. Allegro energico


"Le Livre D'Esther", Opus 38, No. 2 (2009)

("The Book of Esther")

I. The Purification

II. Mordecai

III. The Decrees of Esther

IV. Purim

String Duo


Appalachian Duets, Opus 38, No. 8 (2001)

For Two Violins

I. Heart O' the Hills

II. Goin' Fishin

III. The Train

IV. Mammy's Little Lullaby

V. Granpap's Fiddle

Large Brass Ensemble


Chorales for Brass and Percussion, Opus 35, No. 3 (1997, revised 2002)

I. Chorale

II. Dance

III. Dirge

IV. Finale

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